Attain a Joyous State of Mind

We offer Community Coaching based on Buddhist principles in New Bedford, MA

Are you searching for a community where you can learn from the teachings of the Buddha? Joyous Mind Community Coaching provides basic Buddhist education in New Bedford, MA. We're dedicated to fostering a community based on lovingkindness and compassion through sharing Buddhist principles and education.

Choose to study a 10-class program, one-on-one with an instructor or learn within a group (sangha). Regardless of your level of participation, you're sure to benefit from Buddhist community coaching.

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Are you interested in coaching based on Buddhist principles?

When you begin to explore a Buddhist education with Joyous Mind Community Coaching, you will learn concepts like 'karma' and how good actions have the power to bring about good results in your life. Good actions are what lead you to a more joyful mind.