Annual Training 2024

Join for the Buddhist Chanting Prayers Stay for the teaching

Kickstart your New Year with chanting prayers towards a more
joyous mind.
● Opening {wisdom} Period: 1/20 - 1/24
~Chanting @6AM EST [for up to 25 min]
~Chanting @noon EST [for up to 25 min]
● Middle {practical} Period: 1/25 - 1/30
Email/Call for details??
~Meetings by arrangement
~Bowling Night (25th)
~Temple Visit (27th)
~Dinner (30th)
● Closing {integration} Period: 1/31 - 2/04
~Chanting @Noon EST [for up to 25 min]
~Chanting @7PM EST [for up to 25 min]
● Engage in a calming Buddhist Chanting
Experience, while holding positive

Training Towards A Joyous State of Mind
@Noon E.S.T Every Day From
Saturday, 20 January to Sunday, 4 February

It's All Online

Zoom Link:
○ OR
2. |
Meeting ID: 862 0244 0966 |
Passcode: 8686
3. Zoom Dial In #: +1 646 876 9923 US
4. Your Host's Name: Abra
5. Please use the Zoom Chat feature for
your questions.
6. While the offering of chanting is 20 - 25
minutes, the whole program is an hour. Feel
free to join and stay or depart at any time.
7. No need to share your name, audio or video,
just your desire for the happiness of all
sentient beings...including yourself!⌣